You Can Now Have Your Boyfriend’s Head Printed on This ‘Intimate’ Christmas Gift

When it comes to Christmas presents and gifts, there is always a conundrum regarding what to get for your significant other. Well, you can bid adieu to this hassle as we have just the gift that you might want for your partner come this holiday season. The gift we are talking about is customizable and can have the head of your boyfriend printed on it.

Wobbling Willy

The gift making the wave this season is none another than the wobbling willy. Wobbling Willy is customizable as you can have the head of your boyfriend sticking out of the corner of this hilarious and cool sex toy.

For All Heads

Wobbling Willy has interestingly been made for all kind of head sizes as there is no limit to the interactivity and customization that you can achieve through this wonderful and innovative Christmas gift that has girlfriends getting the cash out of their wallets.

About the Gift

The process for the gift is very simple. You just need to send the picture of your boyfriend’s face and the makers would make a 3-D model of it and place it on the top of a wobbling willy (yes, literally).

Real Sex Toys

The most interesting thing about the whole purchase is that the Wobbling Willy is a real sex toy made out of silicone. So, girls would love to see this as a gift for their boyfriend with multiple uses for their pleasure as well.

World Wide Shipping

The Wobbling Willy has taken the world by a storm as makers have announced that the gift would now be available all over the world. The product is priced fairly high, but it will eventually be a great purchase worth the laughs it generates.

Best of Luck

With the Christmas season coming up we assume that all of you have found the best gift in the form of wobbling willy. The internet has been abuzz with news pertaining to the gift as users gear up for it this Christmas season.

Funniest Christmas Gifts

Christmas time is almost upon us and that means the season for funny gifts is here. If you have a plan to amuse your friends and family with a hilarious gift then this is the time to implement. You can learn a thing or two from the following ideas.

Grandma Up for It

This guy challenged his grandma that he wanted 100 gifts from the Dollar Store this Christmas. Grandma really was up for the challenge and showed that she still had the mettle and vigor that helped her succeed in her life.

Move Out Please

This guy still lives with his parents and was anticipating a grand Christmas gift this year. What he got was a little surprising until he got to know what it meant. The hidden meaning behind this really had us on the floor.

Hilarious Photoshop

This girl was gifted with a hilarious image of her. The image showed a family on the beach. Just that every member of the family had their face swapped with that of the recipient. The end result is really funny and hilarious.

Beats for Christmas

This guy’s son wanted beats for Christmas and he got him something really similar. Really similar despite not having the ability to play any sound. This could be a good idea for a Christmas gift prank on a friend.

Plate of Christmas Cookies

This family were gifted a plate of lovely Christmas Cookies by their family. They really enjoyed devouring the cookies and everything was fun and games until they realized what was written under the plate. This was either a prank or a serious health hazard.

Granny Knits Him Socks

It is always great to receive a hand crafted gift from your granny for Christmas. This guy’s granny was crooked eyed and gifted him the wrong socks size for Christmas. While the right sock is headed towards the knee, the left one barely crosses the ankle.


This guy gave the perfect Christmas gift to his dad. He says that he always wanted to gift someone a blanket with his face on it and couldn’t stop the urge this Christmas season. The blanket really does look hilarious with his face on it.

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