Kris Jenner Defies Age With Her Amazing Beach Photos

Kris Jenner, the world’s best “momager” and a very successful business woman. She has turned her family into the most infamous, wealthy and extravagant celebrity family ever. Their last name is a household name and every child has been personally guided through all of their fame and fortune by their doting mother. Now you may love to hate Kris, but she is probably one of the hardest working women in Hollywood and would do anything to support her children. Plus at 61 years old she is looking like a snack!

Bikini Ready

The Kardashian family is known for their bodacious curves and gorgeous bodies and they didn’t get it from nowhere. Kris has a gorgeous body that seems to defy time because she could be thirty years younger with a body like that.

Wet And Wild

This MILF looks like a fierce water creature in this gorgeous photo where she is coming out of the water looking for some sexy victims! Kris Jenner may be a mom of many kids but she is still a smoke show and can totally rock this look.

Golden Beauty

Kris stepped out on the red carpet wearing this short and tight gold mini dress and people are stunned! Not only did she look amazing but she looked as if she could be one of her daughters sisters. I guess all the looks run in the family.

Her Sexy Beau

Kris Jenner has been dating a man quite a bit younger than her for a while now. She has been seen parading around town with him and on sexy and luxurious vacations all around the world. He knows a good thing when he has one and sugar mama kris is a good thing!

Like Mother Like Daughter

Kris Jenner was a major influence in getting Kim into the celebrity world and really making a name for herself. When Kim’s sex tape leaked, Kris was right there to back her up and help her turn a nightmare into a business success story and a very profitable empire.

Sun Bathing Beauty

We are loving all of Kris’s confidence lately. She has been seen in a bikini so many times in the past year and she is looking great. Here she is letting it all hang out with her body on full display in this sexy pose in a bikini laying in the sun.

Showing It All Off

Kris got a little wet and wild in this photo shoot where she gets in the water in a sheer white top with nothing underneath and lets her sexiness show through! Her body looks great and she should not hold back when she is feeling fierce in photographs.

Seeing Quadruple

This photo looks like it could be one of the Kardashian sisters but multiple by four, or it could be that there was a long lost Kardashian sister we didn’t know about. But in fact it is Kourtney, Kim and Khloe along with Kris in this stunning image of the girls.

Luxurious Lounging

Kris may be the brains behind the whole Kardashian family operation, but she is also the beauty as well. Kris likes to workout and eat healthy in order to maintain her youthfulness and sexy figure. Thankfully the Kardashians make tons of money to up her routine!


Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are all known for their big and bodacious booties. But they need to thank their mom for all of the praise received about their behinds. Kris is the one who gave them all their assets and here she is showing it off in a tight dress.

Lady In Leather

Kris seems to look good in any clothing. She can even rock a skin tight leather outfit that seems as if it was painted on. Even though Kris is in her 60’s she is feeling better than ever and is showing off her gorgeous looks to anyone who is looking!

Taming The Beast

Kris posed for a sexy photo shoot with Bazaar magazine where she dressed up like the ring leader of a circus. That may be a little insight into her home life as she is the matriarch and manager of her household and all over her famous family.

Lovely In Lace

This photo shows just how elegant and lovely that Kris Jenner can be. While all of the girls are known for their bodies and what they look like without their clothes on. They are really interested in fashion and can really dress up nice when they go out on the red carpet.

Flowing And Flawless

Kylie Jenner has become Kris’s newest prodigy and as a running joke in the household, Kris’s new “favorite” daughter. They both look absolutely stunning in these gorgeous slowing dresses at the Kardashian Yacht party which hosted tons of famous friends.

The Perfect Mirror Selfie

Kris Jenner almost broke the internet when Khloe posted this photo of her mom on vacation with the caption “looking like a snack!” Kris was on holiday with her boyfriend in the South of France when she revealed her total peak MILF-ness to the world.

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