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We have our good days, and we have our bad days.

If I get a good six hours of sleep and a big cup of joe in the morning, I’ll be in my finest form until nightfall.

Any variation from this results in a person I’m less than proud of.

The people on the following list definitely know what I’m talking about.

1. “She was waiting in line for five minutes,” wrote LeviathanChaos.

It’s true, though. You don’t really pay that much attention to the people in line with you, just to whether the line is moving.

Reddit | LeviathanChaos

3. The way this series of events unfolds is too much.

May this be a lesson to everyone out there that you must check the flash before you start taking creep shots of people.

Instagram | @the.real.fails

4. It’s always a good idea to ask ahead of time how much of a costume party it is.

What we have here is the combination of wild expression and a more chill crowd.

Twitter | @katiedippold

6. One of the best birthday selfies I’ve ever seen. Embarrassing? Sure. But a great photo op.

These two friends getting that selfie with the birthday girl before she rolls off to the ER.

Twitter | @VeronicaRuckh

7. This is one of those embarrassing moments that happens in private — the best kind.

Hey, at least you got the most out of your dye job. She didn’t even recognize herself!

Twitter | @VeronicaRuckh

7. This is one of those embarrassing moments that happens in private — the best kind.

Hey, at least you got the most out of your dye job. She didn’t even recognize herself!


Twitter | @mental_nigella_

8. This person who didn’t check in the mirror well enough after hittin’ the stall.

If you own it, people might just think it’s a new fashion accessory. It even matches with her existing outfit! Win.

Reddit | BareBackJack

9. “My husband asked my gynecologist if he was a Texas Longhorn…” wrote jreenfin.

You have to cut him some slack, though. It looks almost exactly like the Texas Longhorn logo.


Reddit | jreenfin

10. It’s always a gamble giving your phone to someone if you don’t really remember what you were looking at last.

Take this hilarious story from Jimmy Fallon, for example. Ouch.

Twitter | @jimmyfallon

11. When you try to diversify your footwear, but the first guy you sit in front of on the subway had the same idea.

Oh yeah, they also both have their jeans rolled up with the same pair of jeans. Wow.

Reddit | EunByuL

12. Think of it this way: They will always be happy together if they both think this is an acceptable form of proposal.

Hey, maybe saving money on the proposal allowed him to get that nice ring…

Reddit | SkiFreaks

13. These two who are visibly embarrassed by the fact that they have the same exact outfit on.

I like how he accessorized with the sweater over the shoulder and she’s really playing up that purse.

Reddit | fugololo

14. As someone who can’t grow a good beard, this hit deep.

This man who posted a picture of his righteous beard but was called out for using a filter called Beardify.

Reddit | Bluestarrz

15. One reason never to sit in the front row of anything. Not in school, not at the theater, not on a televised show.

She’s a great dancer! Nothing to be embarrassed about in my opinion.

Reddit | kndlllane

16. “In response to the friend with the embarrassing childhood photo, I submit my husband’s…” wrote lacqueredup.

Yes, this is quite embarrassing, but I wouldn’t mess around with him — he’s got some nunchucks and a throwing star.

Reddit | lacqueredup

17. This is kind of like accidentally calling your teacher “mom” except absolutely way worse.

Worse because in school you were a child, but at your first day on the job you’re a child pretending to adult.

Imgur | youandmeandrainbows

18. It’s always awkward when you’re next to someone dressed exactly like you, but it’s even worse when you match with the subway seat.

Hey, think of it this way: Out of all of the patterns in the world, the subway company chose that one.

Reddit | Lilaflockensocke

19. “Uuuum ma’am, that’s not the………….. door.”

A picture is truly worth a thousand words — I can see this happening to myself though, and it’s a little too real.


20. How do you screw this up? I guess stuff does get pretty hectic on your wedding day, so I kinda see how this happened.

I’m trying to figure out why they felt it was necessary, though, still.

Reddit | bizzaro42

21. Not even sure if I’d be embarrassed or just pissed that I was so out of it I missed out on Tom Hanks.

He’s literally sleeping on the man, the myth, the legend!


22. You can see the reality of the situation flashing before his eyes.

At least he can say he’s very good at being a wing-man!


23. A simple reread, or quick google search could have stopped this embarrassing yet passionate plea for a Coles boycott.

Ma’am, this is not the plant you think it is.



You can feel the embarrassment radiating from her hands covering her face. SMH.


25. “This guy’s hands are way past the point of awkwardness,” wroteNastyStan.

His face says he’s the biggest baller in the world, but his hands suggest otherwise. It’s OK to rest your hands, man.

Reddit | NastyStan

26. Someone call the fashion police — immediately.

This isn’t a matter of personal taste or style, this is a matter of leading a moral or immoral life. And this just ain’t right.


27. Who knows how this guy ended up there in the first place, but this would be torture!

I say just bite the bullet and jog out. Otherwise, you may be there for hours.

Twitter | @devALMXGHTY

28. Dentist visits are awkward enough with a person poking around in your mouth.

So literally sucking on the tool doing the poking is only escalating that cringeworthy experience.


29. It’s clear this man had waaaaay too much fun the night before.

Honestly though, he was smart to keep it all green — for camouflage purposes.


30. I present to you Georgia in its most embarrassing form…

To be fair, it is dangerous when you don’t usually get snow at all.

Leave a COMMENT on Facebook letting us know of your most embarrassing form.

Reddit | marbear77

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