21 Famous Celebrities Who Love Playing With Sex Toys

Today more and more people are embracing sex toys as a medium to sexual exploration, fulfilling that extra pleasure as and when it is demanded by their body. You will be surprised that even celebrities are coming forward and expressing their love for playing with sex toys.

No more are sex toys a taboo or a stigma, with time it has changed hence, it’s not something to be hidden anymore. Sex toys are openly discussed and is considered to be a beautiful art that many celebrities proudly possess and love playing with them. Rumors are that Lindsay Lohan gifted 12 Rabbit vibrators to her friends. Beyonce was given a diamond encrusted whip as a birthday present by Lady Gaga.

We bring you 20 celebrities who love playing with sex toys. Have a vibrating time!

1. Eva Longoria

In one of her interview, she says “I didn’t begin enjoying sex until I started masturbating. Before that, I really wasn’t sexual. I bought my first vibrator three years ago. It’s a shame I didn’t discover it sooner. Now I give Rabbit vibrators to all my girlfriends. They scream when they unwrap it. The best gift I can give them is an orgasm.” What a thought!

2. Beyoncé and Jay-Z

This couple has an appetite and love for playing with lavish sex toys. These two celebrities spend nearly $6,000 for some line gold-plated sex toys from Babeland a well- known sex shop in New York City.

3. Halle Berry

She claimed that she makes regular visits to The Pleasure Chest, a sex toy shop in L.A. “You can’t forget your sexuality — that’s not good. You can still embrace your body by going to the gym or going to the Pleasure Chest.”

4. Taylor Momsen

In an interview to Disorder Magazine at the age of 16, she admitted that her best friend was her vibrator, which she loved playing and this caused quite a chaos among the so called traditionalists.

5. David and Victoria Beckham

David spent an exorbitant $1.8 million on a platinum vibrator with a $10K diamond-encrusted base that is linked to a $16K diamond necklace, a posh gift to his wife Posh Spice, Victoria for playing.

6. Alicia Silverstone

Alicia endorsed The Leaf, a vibrator made from eco-friendly and non-toxic plastics, where she wrote “I like that they look natural and feminine…like leaves and flowers…not scary,” and ridiculed phallic-shaped toys.

7. Miley Cyrus

Miley tweeted the pictures of her vibrator she loves playing with, known as “Adonis.” which is actually a giant, mannequin-sized plastic hand designed for fisting unless she uses it for scratching her back.

8. Madonna

Back when Madonna was married to former husband Guy Ritchie, they were spotted coming out of a hotel with a Penetrator in a transparent bag, even TMZ reported the thing was a “Purple Penetrator”.

9. Kate Moss

Queen Kate has a $350K on a 24 karat gold vibrator from Jimmy Jane in her sex toys chest, which is silent, waterproof and eternal, which she loves playing with. Currently, this vibrator is retailing for $425.

10. Ariana Grande

Ari by mistake Instagrammed a selfie photo of a black phallic thing, lying on the floor behind her, now you can only imagine what it was and what she’ been doing with it.

11. Maggie Gyllenhaal

She happens to fall in love with the vibrators while working on a film Hysteria, which is about the invention of the vibrator. She boldly claims that has an incredible collection and she likes to lend it to her friends.

12. Rihanna

She was spotted purchasing a pink vibrator in a Parisian sex shop, and this wasn’t the only sex shop, Rihanna was seen shopping at Wicked Wanda’s Adult Emporium in Ottawa, hand in hand with Canadian rapper Drake.

13. Jennifer Lawrence

The tripping actress at the Oscars told a “hilarious” story about a hotel maid finding a “copious amount of butt plugs” in a box under her bed. Well, she’s no stranger, having a love for kinky fun in her bedroom!

14. Jenny McCarthy

In an interview, she reportedly ripped open her blouse to reveal a black lace bra, this former Playboy Playmate confessed her love for her Pocket Rocket vibrator, which she even tweets about it on Twitter.

15. Kristen Stewart

Kristen told Jay Leno on his show, that she had bought some goodies from a sex shop in Tokyo, which had some really weird stuff. Use your imagination as to what those goodies were?

16. Zoe Saldana

The star of Avatar, Star Trek, Colombiana and Pirates of the Caribbean has said that nothing, but nothing beats a well-powered vibrator while talking on the context on some of her favorite sex positions.

17. Tulisa Contastavlos

Tulisa who is a singer-songwriter had an embarrassing moment when her little gizmo started vibrating at the check-in counter of the London airport, but she boldly confessed to the security that it was her Rampant Rabbit.

18. Katy Perry

In 2013 she was spotted in a sex shop, checking out the weight of various vibrators, by testing it against her neck. One report stated that her love for vibrators was better than her taste in men. Finally, she bought a shiny silver one.

19. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga speaks proudly of her love for her wonderful vibrator companion “I am single and a workaholic and very lonely. But I’m good. I and my vibrator are very happy.” We hope now she’s happy as one big family with her fiancee.

20. Oprah

Oprah is an advocate of sex toys, telling mothers to buy vibrators for their teen daughters. She has been hammered as the “Rolls Royce of sex toys,” and has even been credited with “vibrator buying frenzies.” Definitely, she must be playing what she’s preaching.

21. Gwyneth Paltrow

She is well recognized for making stops at The Pleasure Chest and her official site, Goop, recommends the $15,000 a 24K Lelo Inez dildo. “Sex toys have long since graduated from the floppy rubber things you hide in your bedside table to beautiful works of interactive art,” the blurb reads.

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